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Henselite Lawn Bowling Shoes

Here at new forest footwear we are proud to stock Henselite lawn bowling shoes because we believe Henselite produce top quality lawn bowls shoes to suit both the professional and those new the sport

Henselite is one of the leading manufacturers of lawn and indoor bowling shoes, they have an extensive range so your definitely going to find a pair to suit you.

Below are few of ... Read the full article...

A breif introduction to lawn bowling

Bowls is a game that everybody can enjoy people of ages and skills can enjoy a game of lawn bowling.

Lawn bowling is actually quite a simple game to learn but to be good at lawn bowls will take a lot of practice and dedication.

There are about 3000 lawn bowling clubs within the UK so finding one close to home shouldn't be too difficult.

Bowls is a ... Read the full article...

Local Bowling Club news from Blandford and Shaftesbury UK

Blandford Lawn Bowls Club loose at home

Blandford bowling club hosted 20 visiting members of Beckenham and Bromley District Bowling Association. The association takes bowlers from 23 clubs and are touring the Bournemouth area.

The friendly match comprised five mixed rinks and although Blanford won three rinks, the final match score was a win to the visitors based on more woods scored overall by the narrowest ... Read the full article...

How to play lawn bowls

If you are interested in lawn bowls but don?t know how to play this guide should give you an idea of what?s involved. The objective of the game is to basically to roll the bowl as close to the Jack or Kitty as you can get it. The closer the bowls gets the better. To begin each end the jack or kitty ... Read the full article...

Terms used in Lawn Bowls

Terms used in Lawn Bowling

BIAS Bias is the amount of curve that a bowl will take during its course to the jack. Bowls are available with several different biases for use in different conditions and competitions. As part of the manufacturing process all bowls are tested against "Master Bowl", which defines the limits of this bias. Click this link for a description of this ... Read the full article...

Local lawn bowling results wiltshire

Tisbury bowling club results

The annual Win Green Trophy competition between Cramborne, Mere and Tisbury took place at Mere bowls club. A pair format was used instead of the usual triples and the result was:

Tisbury 18
Cramborne 16
Mere 14

On a drizzly saturday the annual club triples championship was held at Tisbury. The winners were Raymond Adams, Lesley Trattles and John Lindley, with runners up Marian ... Read the full article...

U.K Local Lawn Bowling News

Local Lawn Bowling News.

A foursome from the Blandford Lawn Bowling Club

Ladies team reach the County Lawn Bowling Finals of the Fours Championship in Verwood which is situated in the New Forest . In the semi finals they beat Wellworthy which were last year?s runners up 20-19. The semi finals against Broadstone were even closer and were only decided after a nail biting extra end 22-20. ... Read the full article...

The UK rules of lawn bowling

It is said that Lawn Bowls is a game that can be played by anyone aged from nine to ninety and in my time in the game I have come across several nonagenarian players.

It does tend to have a crusty, "old people's game" image due largely to the use of sponsors like Saga and over 55's insurance companies. The reality is somewhat different and at ... Read the full article...

UK History of Lawn Bowling

It has been traced certainly to the 13th century, and conjecturally to the 12th! The actual origin of the game is hidden in the haze of antiquity. We do, however, have authentic records of well over seven hundred years of bowling history. Sculptured vases and ancient plaques show the game being played some four thousand years ago, and archaeologists have uncovered biased stone bowls ... Read the full article...