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Local Bowling Club news from Blandford and Shaftesbury UK

Blandford Lawn Bowls Club loose at home

Blandford bowling club hosted 20 visiting members of Beckenham and Bromley District Bowling Association. The association takes bowlers from 23 clubs and are touring the Bournemouth area.

The friendly match comprised five mixed rinks and although Blanford won three rinks, the final match score was a win to the visitors based on more woods scored overall by the narrowest ... Read the full article...

Local lawn bowling results wiltshire

Tisbury bowling club results

The annual Win Green Trophy competition between Cramborne, Mere and Tisbury took place at Mere bowls club. A pair format was used instead of the usual triples and the result was:

Tisbury 18
Cramborne 16
Mere 14

On a drizzly saturday the annual club triples championship was held at Tisbury. The winners were Raymond Adams, Lesley Trattles and John Lindley, with runners up Marian ... Read the full article...