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The Deck Shoes of Today

If there is one type of shoe that never seems to go out of style, it is the deck shoe. Deck shoes are worn for casual wear and they have a very classic feel to them. Normally they have a non marking rubber sole with leather upper that is coated to repel water. There is actually some history to deck shoes since they were originally ... Read the full article...

When Were Boat Shoes Invented

There are two stories of how the Boat Shoe came to pass.

The first account is the idea came from Native American moccasins. The moccasin was made from deerskin, which had a water repellant hide to help shield the foot from water and debris. This deerskin material was ideal for gripping the wooden bottom of the native Indian canoes while transporting, fishing or hunting.

The ... Read the full article...

Boat shoes where did they come from?

Do you know the origins of the boat shoe? People mistakenly attribute the name to their shape, this is a long way from the truth. Boat shoes are often called deck shoes and this gives us a bit more of a clue into their origins.

History of the Boat Shoe

Boat shoes are a very old style of shoe. Their first major entrance into the retail market ... Read the full article...

What are Deck Shoes

Deck shoes which are popularly referred to as boat shoes, have been in existence for several years. However in recent times they have made a rapid transformation from being used only on slippery surfaces to being used just about everywhere.

The demand for boat shoes has seen a sudden upsurge.

They have gained prominence because of their superior grip, enhanced aesthetics and quality wearing experience.

Boat shoes The Versatile Footwear

Footwear that has style, resistance and is versatile! Too good to be true? Not really!

They are called boat shoes and these shoes have created a niche for themselves in the world of fashion because of their unique style.

And in the rarest of scenarios that you haven?t heard about boat shoes, let me quickly give you some background information on these shoes.

Origin of Boat Shoes

Deck shoes ... Read the full article...

History of Shoes

Throughout the history of man the need to protect both the body and feet have existed. During this time leather has been used and is considered by many as still being the preferred material for all kinds of footwear. Today many mass production shoes are made from plastic and other man made materials.

It is thought that shoe making began at the end ... Read the full article...

UK History of Lawn Bowling

It has been traced certainly to the 13th century, and conjecturally to the 12th! The actual origin of the game is hidden in the haze of antiquity. We do, however, have authentic records of well over seven hundred years of bowling history. Sculptured vases and ancient plaques show the game being played some four thousand years ago, and archaeologists have uncovered biased stone bowls ... Read the full article...