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Hiking boots and shoes from NFF

New Forest Footwear sells a number of different hiking boots that are ideal for use on your outdoor adventures. If you are going to encounter rain, mud or snow then a quality pair of waterproof hiking boots or shoes from new forest footwear’s great selection of hiking footwear is what you need.

Here at New Forest Footwear we have a fantastic selection of high quality men's ... Read the full article...

Our Hiking boots and hiking shoes

Hiking boots from NewForestFootwear are very useful and practical for any accasion when you are outdoors. By chance you might have to be in snow, rain or mud. If this is the case, then you’ll be glad you had a pair of waterproof hiking boots to keep you dry.

NewForestFootwear hiking boots are of high quality and will last you a long time. A good set ... Read the full article...

The Buyers Guide to Hiking Boots

This article is a brief look at what materials and methods are used in hiking boot construction and how to find the right hiking boots for your needs.

Waterproofing of hiking boots

There are a couple of different methods for making a hiking boot waterproof. Firstly is the use of a membrane, the second is seam sealing. Both of these have functions with different advantages. ... Read the full article...

King Alfred's Tower - A better walk with quality hiking boots

King Alfred's Tower is an incredible triangular folly built believe it or not in the memory of a Saxon King called King Alfred. The tower was built in memory of the stand that King Alfred and his men made against the fearless Danes

King Alfred and his men were outnumbered but fought valiantly in AD 878 to defeat the Danish invaders and help protect England ... Read the full article...

Wise hikers go prepared

Wise hikers go prepared. How often when you leave home is the sun shining and all you need to think about is too remember those sunglasses and sun cream. As you drive the dark clouds appear and it looks like it may rain. Well the great British Country side is such because of its well watered existence.

This is just where the fantastic New Forest Footwear ... Read the full article...

An ideal place to test your grisport dartmoor hiking shoes

There are two Dartmoors firstly the heart of the 300square mile plateau apparently endless rolling hills and moors broken only by the grotesque contortions of granite on the summits. This is the nearest thing the wilderness in southern England and southern Britain.

Secondly Dartmoor also has around this central area of the Dartmoor national park lies wooded valleys, twisted lanes and grey farmhouses where the ... Read the full article...

Hi what shall we do today?

Let's take the kids out for a walk in the Country.

That is a Great idea! The weather is great and we will take a picnic.

Hiking boot bag?

Have our boots dried out? didn't they just keep our feet absolutely dry last Sunday when we had all that rain. When I read on the New Forest Footwear Web Site that their Waterproof boots were 100% waterproof ... Read the full article...

The Hiking treasures of Rural Wiltshire

Myth, Legend and Mystery awaits you on your visit to Wiltshire.

Just for starters you will witness crop circles, magnificent carvings made in the chalk hill sides depicting the badges proudly worn by our troops who protect us around the clock, so that we may have the freedom to walk the many paths and bridle ways our great country has. The famous White Horse at Westbury ... Read the full article...

Walk the Thames

This walk is ideally suited for walkers of all ages and abilities and is an ideal opportunity to break in your new walking boots. The path is well marked and if you don?t have the best sense of direction simply follow the river itself.

The walk won?t be to taxing as the path is flat, suitable for all types of hiking footwear, either walking boots ... Read the full article...