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New Forest Footwear sells a number of different hiking boots that are ideal for use on your outdoor adventures. If you are going to encounter rain, mud or snow then a quality pair of waterproof hiking boots or shoes from new forest footwear’s great selection of hiking footwear is what you need.

Here at New Forest Footwear we have a fantastic selection of high quality men's and ladies hiking boots, our hiking boots are built to stand the test of time. If you plan on doing some outdoor activities then it is essential to have the correct footwear for the job. Waterproof hiking boots or hiking shoes are ideal to protect your feet from the elements.

Once you have found the ideal pair of hiking boots from our amazing range you can start enjoying the great outdoors in both comfort and style. Your outdoor activities should be enjoyable, don’t spoil your fun by wearing the incorrect type of hiking footwear.

Walking/hiking is one of the best forms or exercise and in combination with the clean country air can be very good for improving your health. So take up walking today with a pair of quality hiking boots, if you have the correct hiking footwear you will be able to reap the benefits of walking without worrying about uncomfortable feet. We all know there is nothing worse than getting blisters half way through you outdoor adventure, avoid this with a pair of high quality hiking boot or hiking shoes from NFF!

The great selection of men's and ladies Hi-Tec, Grisport and Northwest Territory hiking boots and hiking shoes available from the NewForestFootwear with give your feet adequate protection from the hazards you will encounter when out on your hike. Having the right hiking boots for you makes the great outdoors much more enjoyable, all you have to worry about is taking in the fantastic scenery.