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If there is one type of shoe that never seems to go out of style, it is the deck shoe. Deck shoes are worn for casual wear and they have a very classic feel to them. Normally they have a non marking rubber sole with leather upper that is coated to repel water. There is actually some history to deck shoes since they were originally made to be worn on boats. Hence, they are also commonly known as boat shoes. These shoes were invented by Paul Sperry, in the year 1935 when he was inspired by his dog running over ice without slipping. He then made cuts in the sole of his shoes which helped increase friction and made walking on a wet deck easy. However, it was not until the 1980s that these shoes became fashionable as regular footwear.

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Deck shoes are great since they manage to keep your feet dry and warm in almost any weather condition. They have a very unique look, distinguishable by the eyelets on the sides which have laces or thin leather like rope (often the same as the laces) running through them. The other thing that makes them different is the way it is stitched; they are manufactured in a way that uses less glue with emphasis on stitching. The stitching stands out as well, giving the shoe its classical look. They are also made so that your feet can have some ventilation and this reduces feet odour. They are quite comfortable to wear and you can wear them without socks as well. In fact wearing deck shoes without socks became some what of a trend and was considered fashionable.

These days they are not just worn for boating purposes, in fact they are more preferred as casual every day shoes. Deck shoes are sturdy and are known to take quite some wear and tear. Many boat shoe designs are unisex, designed to be worn by both men and women. In addition these shoes can be worn by people of all ages, even the littlest of toddlers and elderly people can wear them without looking out of place.

Deck shoes have evolved to be more up to date, and there have been changes in the material it is constructed with as well, no longer are they just available in leather, they are being manufactured out of canvas, suede, and denim as well. They are even being made to suit different climates and styles. For example you can even get a slip on version, or a sandal type deck shoe or one without laces and Velcro straps as an alternative.

When buying decks shoes you should check out the various designs on the internet and there are a lot of options available out there. You can even find some amazing prices that you might not be able to find at shops. However, when it comes to buying shoes people prefer trying them out before they buy them to get an idea of how they fit and just how comfortable they are. If however, you are well aware of your size you can save your self the hassle and have them delivered at home from a reputed online shoe store.

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