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There are two Dartmoors firstly the heart of the 300square mile plateau apparently endless rolling hills and moors broken only by the grotesque contortions of granite on the summits. This is the nearest thing the wilderness in southern England and southern Britain.

Secondly Dartmoor also has around this central area of the Dartmoor national park lies wooded valleys, twisted lanes and grey farmhouses where the green fields begin.

Dartmoor isolated locations have help to preserve an amazing amount of prehistoric remains ranging from hut circles, standing stones, burial chambers, stone rows and crosses dating back as far as 1800BC. The is also history relating to more recent times in the form of spoil heaps and gully made by the tin miners who were in their element in the era between the 12th and 15th centuries. That being said tin mining activities have take place here since the Bronze Age until the early 1920's.

The nearby high ground and coast line produce some very unpredictable weather including strong winds and fast descending fog. Fog is especially dangerous due to the large amount of bogs that range from a metre to a mile across. To avoid the bogs watch for large patches of moss and keep clear of those areas.

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