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Wise hikers go prepared. How often when you leave home is the sun shining and all you need to think about is too remember those sunglasses and sun cream. As you drive the dark clouds appear and it looks like it may rain. Well the great British Country side is such because of its well watered existence.

This is just where the fantastic New Forest Footwear boot bag comes into play. Designed to fit neatly into the boot of any car, its generous capacity will house any Hiking or Walking Boots. Storing your hiking boots in this bag, within the boot of your car, will mean that your hiking boots will always be on hand.

The advantage of owning a quality pair of hiking boots soon become apparent. Gone will be the experience of cold wet feet and those soaking wet socks. Today?s hiking boots offer great protection against foot and ankle injury often sustained whilst walking over rough terrain. It is often said that the two most important parts of the body to keep protected are the head and feet for most body heat is lost through these body parts.

The choice of sock is also important and here at New Forest Footwear we have teamed up with a specialised sock importer to offer a range of socks that complement our superb boot range.

Many of our waterproof boots are now offered complete with socks, at prices that leave our competitors exasperated. We are constantly seeking innovative methods to provide the most comprehensive range of quality hikers together with associated products.

If you have not yet experienced New Forest Footwear in action we challenge you to put it to the test.
You will observe the difference from the moment you click on our web site. It is easy to navigate between products and all information and prices are displayed clearly. Only sizes that are actually in stock are displayed.
Never will our Customers have to wait more than 24 hours (Monday to Friday) for their order to be delivered. In fact our Customers do not even have to wait in all day to receive the order. We even tell our customers at what time of day the goods will arrive.

Our customer service team are easily assessable and respond quickly to all enquires.
Our Sales people can be phoned 7 days per week from 8.30am to 10.00pm. No recorded messages, No press this key for that or this department and certainly no irritating music will be played.

Oh if only British Telecom were that good!

Communication is important and we also think that mushrooms survive well in the dark but customers of New Forest footwear like to know the status of their order. Therefore we offer a very simple method to track your order from the moment you purchase using our secure payment system.

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