Delivery Charges

Let's take the kids out for a walk in the Country.

That is a Great idea! The weather is great and we will take a picnic.

Hiking boot bag?

Have our boots dried out? didn't they just keep our feet absolutely dry last Sunday when we had all that rain. When I read on the New Forest Footwear Web Site that their Waterproof boots were 100% waterproof I never thought they would be so good. That boot bag we purchased with the boots was fantastic as our car remained nice and clean, even with those very muddy and wet boots.

Hiking pole?

That extendible walking pole that I got as a free offer from them proved very good when we were walking over that rough terrain. When you consider these poles sell for £12.99 to actually get one free with those boots which were already heavily discounted, I just do not understand how they do it!

Hiking boots and shoes from New Forest Footwear

I suppose it is so much cheaper for them to operate on line and being one of the largest footwear suppliers in the South of England I expect their buying power is tremendous. Actually when I phoned New Forest Footwear to enquire about their great range of socks it surprised me how quickly I was speaking to a real person. No recorded messages greeted me and would you believe it no music either. I felt that the guy on the other end of the phone was being very helpful but in no way did he try and make me buy something I did not want.

The delivery was out of this world. How do they do it? Next day and even let you know what time it is going to arrive, this saved me waiting in all day. Remember that other firm when we waited all day and it never arrived. What a let down.

There's no doubt about it New Forest Footwear have hit on a winning philosophy. Great Waterproof Hiking boots at great prices and above all a customer services team that really care.