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King Alfred's Tower is an incredible triangular folly built believe it or not in the memory of a Saxon King called King Alfred. The tower was built in memory of the stand that King Alfred and his men made against the fearless Danes

King Alfred and his men were outnumbered but fought valiantly in AD 878 to defeat the Danish invaders and help protect England from the invading force that probably would have taken England if is wasn't for King Alfred. The amazing and spectacular folly was is believed to be built on the exact spot where king Alfred and his brave men made their stand all those years ago.

Why not spend a day at the spectacular tower, here at newforestfootwear we recommend wearing the correct type of hiking footwear as there is miles of outstanding woodland to be explored and a lot of steps to be climbed. It is well worth climbing the tower as there are impressive views from the top of the tower at 1000ft above sea level making the 205 steps to the top more than worth the effort. Views of the 3 surrounding counties Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire can be enjoyed by all.

Hiking boots for your day out

For a day out such as this it is a good idea to take the correct type of hiking footwear, we recommend a good pair of hiking boots or walking shoes. Here at newforestfootwear we pride ourselves in stocking a wide range of Hiking Footwear to suit our wide range of customers. We stock several different brands of hiking boots/shoes, personally I would recommend any of the hiking boots/shoes offered by the 3 main brands that we have carefully chosen.