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King Alfred's Tower - A better walk with quality hiking boots

King Alfred's Tower is an incredible triangular folly built believe it or not in the memory of a Saxon King called King Alfred. The tower was built in memory of the stand that King Alfred and his men made against the fearless Danes

King Alfred and his men were outnumbered but fought valiantly in AD 878 to defeat the Danish invaders and help protect England ... Read the full article...

The Hiking treasures of Rural Wiltshire

Myth, Legend and Mystery awaits you on your visit to Wiltshire.

Just for starters you will witness crop circles, magnificent carvings made in the chalk hill sides depicting the badges proudly worn by our troops who protect us around the clock, so that we may have the freedom to walk the many paths and bridle ways our great country has. The famous White Horse at Westbury ... Read the full article...

Local lawn bowling results wiltshire

Tisbury bowling club results

The annual Win Green Trophy competition between Cramborne, Mere and Tisbury took place at Mere bowls club. A pair format was used instead of the usual triples and the result was:

Tisbury 18
Cramborne 16
Mere 14

On a drizzly saturday the annual club triples championship was held at Tisbury. The winners were Raymond Adams, Lesley Trattles and John Lindley, with runners up Marian ... Read the full article...