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This article is a brief look at what materials and methods are used in hiking boot construction and how to find the right hiking boots for your needs.

Waterproofing of hiking boots

There are a couple of different methods for making a hiking boot waterproof. Firstly is the use of a membrane, the second is seam sealing. Both of these have functions with different advantages. Waterproof membranes like Gortex come with a longer guarantee; on the other hand seam sealed boots have more breathability and cost slightly less.

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Hiking boots leather or mesh uppers?

Leather still remains to be one of the best materials for making a hiking boot that is durable, comfortable and waterproof. On the other hand mesh panelling significantly helps the breathability of the hiking boot. Generally hiking boots with mesh panelling are better for when the sun is shining and all leather hiking boots are better during winter time. There are several different type leather used in hiking boots production.

  • Nubuck leather: this is best described as having a velvety feel.
  • Full grain leather: has a shiny finish
  • Suede leather: has a rugged look
  • Hiking boot lacing systems

    The lacing system on your hiking boots is very important as they ensure a good fit. Modern hiking boot lacing systems are usually made from rust proof metals or specialist toughened plastics. Lacing systems are important because they allow you to adjust the fit of your boots as they swell on longer walks. This helps to keep your hiking boots comfortable and supportive throughout your adventure!

    Hiking boots support shank

    Hiking boot shank supports are important because they support the arch of your foot as you are walking. Having adequate arch support will making longer walks much more comfortable and ultimately more enjoyable both for you and your feet. The support shank in your hiking boots is crucial for support. The majority are produced from metals, some hiking boot brand such as Hi Tec are using thermal plastic that are more flexible and lightweight than traditional metals.