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Bowls is a game that everybody can enjoy people of ages and skills can enjoy a game of lawn bowling.

Lawn bowling is actually quite a simple game to learn but to be good at lawn bowls will take a lot of practice and dedication.

There are about 3000 lawn bowling clubs within the UK so finding one close to home shouldn't be too difficult.

Bowls is a good value for money sport as it usually doesn't cost too much to join a lawn bowling club. The other item that is most important before joining a club is purchasing a decent pair of lawns bowling shoes. The shoe must have a completely flat sole with no tread and depending on the club or game type you are playing shoes need to be certain colours. (Check with your bowls club to see which colour you need).

Below are a few things you need to know if you are thinking of taking up the sport of lawn bowling.

Basic things to know about lawn bowling

Like the vast majority of sport the general principle of the game is a simple one. Anybody can play the game but to get to the top level will take determination and lots of practice, not a bad thing if you enjoy the wonderful game.

A game of lawn bowling is played on a green that is essentially a square of finely cut grass. The green is split up into rinks.

The green has a small gully around the outside for any bowls that come of the green and markings that show the layout of each rink within the green.

Each player has a go to bowl their bowls and try and get as close to the jack as possible. The jack is essentially a small ball positioned at the end of the rink. Bowls have a specific shape that makes them curve; this is the tricky bit of lawn bowling that will probably take you years to learn.

The basic principle of lawn bowling is to get as many bowls as possible close to the jack a point is awarding for each bowl that is closer to the jack.

Lawn bowls come is a wide range of different formats the most popular are single players, or teams of two, three or four.

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