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How to play lawn bowls

If you are interested in lawn bowls but don?t know how to play this guide should give you an idea of what?s involved. The objective of the game is to basically to roll the bowl as close to the Jack or Kitty as you can get it. The closer the bowls gets the better. To begin each end the jack or kitty ... Read the full article...

Terms used in Lawn Bowls

Terms used in Lawn Bowling

BIAS Bias is the amount of curve that a bowl will take during its course to the jack. Bowls are available with several different biases for use in different conditions and competitions. As part of the manufacturing process all bowls are tested against "Master Bowl", which defines the limits of this bias. Click this link for a description of this ... Read the full article...

The UK rules of lawn bowling

It is said that Lawn Bowls is a game that can be played by anyone aged from nine to ninety and in my time in the game I have come across several nonagenarian players.

It does tend to have a crusty, "old people's game" image due largely to the use of sponsors like Saga and over 55's insurance companies. The reality is somewhat different and at ... Read the full article...