Delivery Charges

If you are interested in lawn bowls but don?t know how to play this guide should give you an idea of what?s involved. The objective of the game is to basically to roll the bowl as close to the Jack or Kitty as you can get it. The closer the bowls gets the better. To begin each end the jack or kitty is rolled across the entire length of the green then it is centred in the middle of the rink wherever it has stopped. The bowl itself has a bias which basically means the bowl is not completely round in shape, it is designed this way to cause the bowl to curve as it begins to slow down. The bowl can curve either depending on how it has been delivered. The bowling green itself is completely flat and is 37 to 40 square metre, the green is separated in rinks that are 5.5 to 5.8 metres across, this allow multiple games to be play simultaneously on the same green.

Lawn Bowls Strategy

There are two main types of bowls strategy either a defensive strategy or an offensive strategy. A delivered bowl gives an additional challenge where the jack can be moved to various areas on the rink. During a game of lawn bowling, there are many different types of delivery that players can utilise. For example, a draw shot is when the bowl is bowled to a certain location with little disturbance of the other bowls. A strike is when it is bowled with the goal of knocking another bowl or the jack out of play. An upshot is when the bowl is delivered with a lot of extra force. This is done with the goal of disturbing other bowls and still not killing the end. The block shot is one where it is placed short on purpose to stop an opposing player?s draw shot.

The bowls themselves can come in a variety of different colours, the most traditional colours are black, brown and white. Although nowadays are wider range of different colours are becoming increasingly available. Many players like to add their own little trade mark to the bowls to add a personal touch. The Jack which is used as the target is always white and is round and smaller than the bowls themselves. Whenever a bowl is being bowled the player must have at least one foot on the mat at the start of the rink.

Lawn Bowling shoes

Players must have the correct footwear to participate in the game. The footwear worn must not have any heal and the sole must be completely flat with no tread. Here at we have a wide range of bowling shoe that fall into this criteria. This is to avoid damaging to the grass surface that the game is played on. Some clubs also have a dress code some just allow you to wear comfortable clothing, you?ll have to check with your local club before you play for the first time.

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