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In this article we are going to discuss buying hiking boots to suit your needs. You need to buy the correct hiking boots whether you plan on doing light trail walking or whether you plan on doing heavier hiking in rugged terrain. What qualifies as the best hiking boot for you depends on what your needs are, there are different kinds of walking boots for different occasions.

There are many things to consider when buying a pair of hiking boots that are best suited to your needs. Firstly you will need to consider the material that the boot is made from. A good quality hiking boot will always have a leather upper with a waterproof and breathable lining and will always have a tough, durable and non slip rubber out-sole.

When you try your boots on for the first time make sure you lace them up properly so they are tight to your feet. Then tap your feet on the ground to make sure your feet do not slide forward. If your feet are sliding forward you may want to consider a smaller size. If your boots don't fit you correctly you will end up getting blisters on the feet while hiking. Hiking boots need to be comfortable, should have adequate cushioning and most importantly need to support the ankle.

We also need to take into consideration the climate you intend to go hiking in. Obviously in a colder climates your walking boots will need to have a thick thermal lining to keep the feet warm. In warmer climates you will need hiking boots with air circulation to keep the feet cool.

Our favourite hiking boot at the moment is the Grisport Crater these our top of the range and are built to last and last.