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Boat Shoes define the best casual wear on earth. These works of art are instant hits, wherever you are found wearing them. You can get these shoes in exquisite Portuguese leather as well as canvas material. Boat Shoes were initially made for the sea. But with the passage of time, we have seen how diverse their functionality is, and now they are a household. Boat Shoes are parts of our daily lives!

You should know that these shoes are built on purpose, or purposes. Boat Shoes are extensively water resistant. The dry and wet surfaces are much dealt with by the perfect rubber soles that these shoes come with. And that is the reason why these shoes were made for being worn at the beach. The extra comfy rubber sole is much admired by travellers. Unlike most of the shoes that we can see around us, Boat Shoes are never obsolete. Since their paramount built-up by Paul Sperry in 1935, more and more brands have started making these shoes. The orthodox design is still intact and much loved by foot wear fanatics. The legacy that was established over 75 years back is still pretty much intact. It is definitely this legacy that makes these Boat Shoes diverse and graceful to this date.

Over here at New Forest Footwear, we provide you with only the greatest Boat Shoes available for men and women. The female variant is chic and sexy while the ones made for males are tougher and adventure filled. Rest assured these handmade shoes use only the premium leather available. This safeguards that the Boat Shoes will get enhanced with time. The leather is stretched and hence you will feel a better fit with time. This fitness is what no other shoe can give. We call it “customized fitness”.

The entire Boat Shoes have brilliant designs and come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. People enjoy matching these Boat Shoes with various clothes that they have and also prefer giving these to their loved ones as presents on special occasions. The look of jeans and khaki pants is enhanced by these shoes. Students and the youth enjoy wearing them at schools, libraries and shopping malls. You will get stares of envy if found with these gorgeous shoes around your feet out in the public. Boat Shoes also work great for extended travels and long transit waits at the airport terminals.

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