Hiking Boots and Gaiters: Hand in Glove

Most of the time, the right hiking boots are sufficient enough to provide your feet with the protection and security it requires for a safe and comfortable hiking trip.

But at times, one encounters certain unexpectedly adverse conditions during a hiking trip. And it is such conditions that require special measures.

Hiking gaiters are one of them. And you must seriously consider having one in your backpack if you donít have one yet.

Hiking Gaiters are synthetic add-ons which can be strapped on to your hiking boots and rise until your knee protecting your leg from anything and everything that you encounter.

Now, a lot of people look at hiking gaiters as an unwanted expense to their limited hiking gear budget. But for me, it has always been a must have especially if you hike on difficult terrain.

Here are a few advantages of using hiking gaiters with hiking footwear.

  • Many a times, you pick up a lot of particles inside your hiking boot which will lead to nicks, scrapes and scratches. Albeit minor ones, these can be a major annoyance during and after the hike. A gaiter will prevent this from happening and protect your feet.
  • Ever encountered ticks and leeches in the wild? People who have encountered these will know how useful an additional layer of clothing can be in conditions like this.
  • If you are hiking in extreme cold weather, hiking gaiters can protect your feet from snow and water and keep your feet warm.

Having said all that about hiking gaiters, they are practically rendered useless if you do not pair them with the right pair of hiking boots. They are like hand in glove.

You can choose hiking gaiters that hook up to your shoelace, to the back of your hiking boots, use Velcro, can be zipped up or have pull cords for the perfect fit. Eventually, it all boils down to oneís individual requirements.

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