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At New Forest Footwear, there are many types of hiking boots depending on the sporting activities you carry out every day. The type of hiking footwear one wears depends on the size and form of your feet. The ideal hiking footwear at gives your feet fantastic traction as well as the necessary ankle assistance. In addition, these boots protect your feet from severe climate disorders and keeps your feet comfy. There are several leather boots manufacturers across the world but not all design genuine walking boots. It is only at where quality is not compromised. Our boots are authentic and usually last for long than other boots from different manufacturers in the market.

At, we provide our customers with specifications and tips on how to choose the best type of hiking boots.

Best hiking boots tip 1

There are a variety of hiking boots at to suit your hiking expeditions.

  • Hiking boots – They are designed for long distance trekking trips and usually have superior outsoles to protect your feet completely. You can carry average amount of rucksack on your back when wearing this kind of boots.
  • Light hiking shoes – Used during short day hiking trips. Light hiking boots are designed using light-weight materials which make it possible for you make quick strides when hiking. In addition, these shoes are usually breathable to prevent your feet from bad odors during hot weather. Your feet remain comfy all day long when wearing light hiking boots.
  • Mountaineering boots – They offer essential assistance to the hiker when carrying heavy rucksack on the back while climbing mountains. They have crampons which offer great traction when walking on snowy places.

Ideal hiking boots tip 2

The cut of your hiking boots usually determines the terrain you will walk. Medium heeled boots are designed when hiking for short hours during the day. When walking on muddy paths and places with sand, avoid wearing hiking boots with high heels because your feet will be uncomfortable when walking through such trails.

Ideal hiking boots tip 3

Hiking footwear sold at is usually designed to meet all customers’ specifications. These boots are resistant to moisture and can withstand tear from tough terrains. Some of the components to look at when purchasing hiking boots at include;

  • Upper boot – Mainly made of full-grain chestnut leather which offers maximum protection to your feet. Upper boots components usually have watertight lining materials that prevent water from entering the boots when walking in dump areas.
  • Midsole components – These substances are meant to provide extra cushion thus safeguarding your feet from any external shock. Midsoles are made from polyurethane material which is tough enough to provide necessary ankle support.
  • Outsoles – Outsole components provide the necessary grip needed when hiking. They have thick patches and strong treads that enhance grip when walking in slippery terrains. The outsoles have lug patterns ranging from thick lug tracks to broad spaced lug tracks. Broad spaced lugs help to get rid of mud with ease when walking in muddy trails.

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