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The average man’s foot size has increased dramatically over recent years and sizes that would have been considered out of the ordinary are now becoming the norm. Lots of men in the UK now require shoe sizes up to size 19. It is believed that obesity in the UK has played a part in the increase of foot size because eating large quantities of high density foods during puberty can stimulate a growth hormones not only causing larger waistlines but larger hands and feet too.

It is also believed that the increase of foot size is caused by evolution as people are getting bigger and taller. It is more common for teenagers to grow over 6ft tall than it has ever been before causing them have much larger feet as a result.

Most men’s boots and shoes ranges are only sized up to UK 12 with a few going to size 13 and 14. Here at New Forest Footwear we stock hiking boots in sizes up to UK 19 as we understand that they demand for these larger sizes is only going to increase further over the years. We stock a superb quality hiking boot by Hi Tec to cater for people with larger feet.
Please follow the link below to have a look at these superb quality waterproof hiking boots.

Hi Tec Bandera II Waterproof Walking Boots

We have noticed that sales of these larger sizes have increased dramatically over the last five years with more and more men taking much larger shoe sizes than before. Lots of footwear retailers are introducing the large sizes into the ranges to cater for those with larger feet.