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Deck shoes which are popularly referred to as boat shoes, have been in existence for several years. However in recent times they have made a rapid transformation from being used only on slippery surfaces to being used just about everywhere.

The demand for boat shoes has seen a sudden upsurge.

They have gained prominence because of their superior grip, enhanced aesthetics and quality wearing experience.

In the initial years, these shoes were simple. They consisted of a water proof hide; they were of low profile and had lacing at the sides. Deck shoes normally used by the Indian Moccasins. The shoes were mainly used because they were equipped to generate more friction and therefore a much stronger grip on the surface of boats and decks.

Modern day deck shoes

The design of deck shoes and purpose of wearing them have undergone a sea of change over the years. They represent a style which is somewhat in between the typical formal look and a casual, comfortable style. The modern day deck shoes look like casual sport shoes. You can either wear them with socks or without socks. And along with the comfortable cushion padding, shoe companies are now making that slight extra effort to make it seem more appealing for everyday use.

Boat Shoes are ideal for every occasion

Boat shoes can be worn during every season. And they do not require regular maintenance either. However, if you want them to last long, you must protect them well. Treat the leather regularly with nitwax as it will keep it supple and will also keep water off your shoes. In order to check the growth of fungus, keep the insoles clean and dry them whenever they become wet.

Boat shoes have evolved a long way from just being used to walk in wet and slippery conditions. Nowadays you can have multiple reasons for buying boat shoes like portraying a fashion statement, comfortable wearing experience etc. You can check out various kinds of Boat Shoes at There is a vast collection of boat shoes available in the web site and you can choose one that is customized with your needs.