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If you haven’t shopped for deck shoes thinking they have the same old look year after year then think again because this is no longer the case. Take another look! New Forest Footwear has a wide variety of deck shoes. A deck shoe is in effect a moccasin/loafer combo in a casual mix. Deck shoes have always been popular and there is no sign of diminishing popularity. There is a typical exterior that will always be considered as the standard for deck shoes. That standard would be tan or brown shoes with a white sole and white laces. The brown deck shoe is a classic style that won’t be going anywhere anytime some.

What is different with deck shoes?

Now, leather deck shoes come in a variety of different colours. No longer a typical beige or tan, you can currently find deck shoes in fuchsia, navy, blue and a wide variety of different and exciting colours. If that’s not enough to get you in the shopping mood they also come in colour duos. Combinations such as navy/pink, navy/honey and also red white and blue. The exciting colours with coordinating laces allow you to make a statement wherever you go.

These aren’t your grandma’s deck shoes, deck shoes are now chic, durable and trendy. It used to be just the fashion industry but now major companies know that women especially want variety, quality and assortment of colours to choose from and are beginning to deliver. The women’s deck shoe line is the same quality and value as the mens and they don’t skimp on comfort with rubber padding even on the bottom of the shoe which not only provides comfort but prevents slipping.

Not only will deck shoes give your foot a comfortable bed to walk on they give your feet a break from heels. They are also lightweight and soft unlike boots and other types of footwear. Deck shoes are extremely versatile whether you’re going to a dinner date at the marina, decks shoe go well with jeans or a summer dress. For cooler weather there are leather deck shoe that offer a bit more padding. Deck shoes are trendy, relaxed colourful and classic.

More and more women have taken up fishing or boating and currently rely on deck shoes to keep them safe but still want to be stylish. When fishing or enjoying a day on a sail boat you will need to have reliable footwear. However deck shoes are not strictly for boaters or those participating in deep sea fishing but can be useful on any slippery surface. Deck shoes are ideal for offering excellent grip in all kinds of different environments and you don’t need to compromise on style.