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Throughout the history of man the need to protect both the body and feet have existed. During this time leather has been used and is considered by many as still being the preferred material for all kinds of footwear. Today many mass production shoes are made from plastic and other man made materials.

It is thought that shoe making began at the end of the Palaeolithic period for among caves that once were inhabited by man tools have been discovered and evidence exists to suggest that these were used to produce footwear. The art of tanning of leather dates back to this period. Found in Egyptian tombs, that are over 6,000 years old, are paintings showing the various stages of making footwear.

It is believed that slippers became fashionable in the 16th century.

It was in 1853 that the first Wellington boot was made.

Over the years we have seen many styles evolve and a few have withstood the test of time. The deck shoe being a fine example of this. Here at whilst we have not been manufacturing shoes since the time of Egyptian Emperors we still insist on traditional materials being used in the manufacture of our Boat shoes. The uppers are always 100% leather as are the linings. The soles are produced from rubber. Please avoid cheaply made boat shoes that are made with plastic uppers and resin soles. A good multi direction sole unit is essential for boat shoes to avoid or reduce the risk of slipping when the surface is wet. Plastic uppers do not withstand the wet and salt and the surface soon cracks. Insist on 100% leather uppers, in fact insist on the NFF Premium range of boat shoes. Each one hand crafted to perfection.

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