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If we look at the history of deck shoes or boat shoes we find that it goes back to early nineties when a women saw that he dog can easily walk with great speed on ice and sand as well after analyzing she found some specific patterns in the toes of the dog and later on she implemented the same type of design on the shoes which were later called as boat or deck shoes.

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This specific design was also introduced after words into the vehicle tires also. This short intro about the deck shoes that how they started but if we look at modern shoes they have been modified a lot from then. Now they are lot of varieties and designs available especially at new forest foot wear, but have you ever considered this fact that which designs may suites you best or let me rephrase it in much better words that what are the types of deck shoes or boat shoes are your requirements.

I have raised this question because due to immense variety in these boat shoes from casual to of an on board deck shoes are now available. Well why not we categories it in this way to make it more clear and perfect well first of all you should analyze that either you spend most of the time on board or off board?

So if you spend on board then what are the paths from which you have to pass to reach your boat? Because if the area is sandy then definitely sand will stuck into the interstitial spaces between the soles of the shoes and will create the mess on board further once you are on board then what type of boat you are on like Is it a motor boat or a fishing boat although modern boards have railings and fences around the sides of the boat but still you can’t remain bear footed on board because it can be fatal for your feet’s. Or in simple words it can hurt your feet’s especially if you are on a fishing boat.

To conclude our topic I will suggest my readers that first of all analyze that what are your requirements are you purchasing for wearing off shore purpose or on shore purpose. But I will personally recommend that whatever is your purpose especially for those who are working or have to travel quite frequently via boats they should purchase 2 pairs of shoes 1 that will be used inside the boat and other that will be on the deck and off shore purpose.

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