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Footwear that has style, resistance and is versatile! Too good to be true? Not really!

They are called boat shoes and these shoes have created a niche for themselves in the world of fashion because of their unique style.

And in the rarest of scenarios that you haven?t heard about boat shoes, let me quickly give you some background information on these shoes.

Origin of Boat Shoes

Deck shoes or boat shoes have been designed following the traditional pattern of the moccasins- covered with a single piece of leather and stitching on top. Deck shoes made of soft leather are also treated with oil which makes these shoes water resistant. Sometimes you will find ones with a combination of canvas and leather too. Boat shoes boast of several other attractive features like hand-stitched seams, rawhide lace and eyelets of brass which further enhances its looks.

Buying Boat shoes

You will have a wide array of choices when you will get down to choosing boat shoes for yourself. They come in variety of colors ranging from tan to brown. You can even get them in different patterns and colours ranging from the plain to the checkered variations.

Wear Boat shoes with any clothing

You can wear boat shoes as an active wear as well as fashionable, casual footwear for parties and celebrations. The inimitable thing about boat shoes is that you can wear them with almost any garment but they will never look odd. Most of the times boat shoes tend to be a little expensive but keeping in mind its versatility it will be well worth your money.

The ideal shoe for every season

The point of differentiation of boat shoes is that you can wear it for all seasons. Originally these shoes were designed as deck shoes in order to prevent you from slipping on watery decks of boats. Thus your pair of boat shoes will provide you a lot of grip both in wet and slippery conditions.

Phew!! That was a long list was not it? However you can see a longer list of different varieties of Boat Shoes in Each pair of boat shoes have some unique features that makes it stand out from the others. To top it off you can even avail some special discounts if you hurry up. To buy a shoe you just need to log on to the site and click on the pair of boat shoes you want to buy.