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Is it possible to come across counterfeits or imitations of the boat shoes? If yes, how do I know the genuine boat shoe from a fake one? As with any other popular brands, counterfeits are common and with the invention of the boat shoe and with it gaining so much popularity, it is hard to rule out the possibility of having some imitations. It is good to get used to the other names associated with the boat shoes as well. They are at times called deck shoes or top sliders. This brand of shoes is becoming increasingly popular all over the world with many people both men and women having great preference for the shoe these days unlike in the past days. The demand for such shoes has increased with time and there are no signs that the demand will decrease any sooner.

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With the boat shoes boating at any time becomes ideal since you will not have any fear of slipping due to watery floors. The shoe will provide you with a tough grip and comfort which are the top concerns for any person working in the dock. Wearing boat shoes has been known to reduce accidents on the dock greatly. The good part of it is that all the genders have been covered since there are brands for women as well as brands for women. Be it in boating, casual walk or using the purely for fashion, the boat shoes have proven to offer great comfort to the wearer. They are stylish and they can be worn with virtually with any type of clothing.

The boat shoe traces its history to the year 1935 when a man known as Paul Sperry. This man was concerned by the dock’s condition while working on the boats. There were a lot of inconveniences caused by the slippery floor. He got an idea when observing his dog as it walked comfortably on similar conditions. He discovered that by improvising some similar markings as those of the dog’s claws, he would have a perfect grip on the wet boat floor. This discovery has led to the formation of different factories to manufacture shoes to meet the increasing demand in the globe.

For those who think that the boat shoe is suppose to be worn on the boat alone, you need to think again since you may realize too late that you were misinformed. The true position is that the boat shoes have Brocken from the confines of the fishing boat and has found solace at many other places. People are wearing the boat shoe for different purposes these days unlike before. You will find guys wearing the shoes as they take a walk in the yard or just picnicking around and at times just having fun with friends.

Do not worry a bit if you are given to color taste since the boat shoes come in different colors and styles to suite as many people as possible. You can choose from the available colors which ranges from black to even pink.