Winter Walking boots

Winter is here again and Jack Frost is blazing all guns across the globe. So, if you are still relying on that old pair of summer walking boots, then itís time to think twice before stepping out with those on your feet.

Winter weather demands special care for your feet and a good pair of winter walking boots are your best choice be it walking, shoveling snow, snow mobiling or hunting.

There are two different types of boots that you need to look into.

The first is winter boots.

Winter walking boots are designed for the cold winters and usually have added insulation that keep your feet warm. They are waterproof and lightweight and can be worn almost every day during the rugged winter months. They have a light weight shell in place of heavy duty rubber and provide excellent ankle support.

Most brands have a wide range of winter boots that are available a few months before the onset of winter and with the right research, you can make a smart purchase at one of the leading online stores.

Walking boots suitable for snow on the other hand are specialized winter boots that are designed for extreme snowy conditions. These are completely waterproof and not just water resistant and you will never find them soaked like some winter boots may. All our walking boots have a sewn in tongue feature that prevents the snow from finding its way to the insides of your boot and melting there. Different brands have different snow gator features. One of the commonest ones is a drawstring on the top of the boots.

They are taller than normal winter walking boots and the height is one of the most important factors that separate them from other winter boots.

Which one to buy?

Your choice of winter walking boots should depend on the weather in the area where you live and where you walk usually. If you experience heavy snow and like to be outdoors in the snow, then choose a good pair of snow boots. On the other hand, if it is only mild winter, then a pair of winter boots should do just fine.

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