Boat Shoes

Why are Boat Shoes so popular?

Boat shoes are now one of the most popular types of footwear for both men and women. They are practically desirable during the summer months but are worn all year round by most for their pure comfort.

These shoes are know in Spain as zapatos n√°uticos . Translation being shoes for the sailor however whilst no sailor would be without his boat shoes many people now find them equally at home on land or at sea.

The water reminds us of activities involving the sea, wind and sand, giving the sense of adventure and is reminiscent of yachts, power boats and ports. Boat shoes are the type of shoe that makes a perfect allusion to its name. When we go to sea we always look to wear a comfortable shoe but at the same time chic and with an elegant look. Boat shoes tend to create a symbol of status whilst remaining casual.

Top bands such as Quayside and NFF are two of the most recognized names associated with quality boat shoes. They produce a wide selection of menís and ladies boat shoes to suit all tastes. Boats shoes have been very popular since the eighties and now even more colours and styles have been added to give a boat shoe for every occasion.

Boat shoes look great with loose casual clothing and are often worn with jeans and striped shirts having the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. The also look great with shorts and are often worn without socks or with short trainer type socks.

Women tend to wear similar to men with shorts, jeans or skirts. The vast array of colours now available it is easy to match ones boat shoes to every outfit to make a perfect combination.