Some More tips for buying Walking Boots

Looking to buy a new pair of walking boots? You can never be short of quality information and tips when you log on to an online footwear store because there are so many models and choices that it can almost be overwhelming for a newbie.

And there is no dearth of information on walking boots either. An online search should give you about 50k websites to start with. But how much of that information can you rely on? And how much of it is different from what the others are offering? The fact is that most of the information and tips are repetitive.

So here are some more tips which hopefully arenít repetitive.

Comfort first always

You may buy the most expensive and most durable walking boot in the entire store but if it is not comfortable to wear, then it will make your walk miserable. So, comfort always comes first. Try them, walk around for a while and if you notice any discomfort other than the usual breaking in part, then opt for a different one.

Different Brands fit differently

An inside source at a leading hiking and walking boot brand reveals that different brands of walking boots fit differently. So, if you have a size 9 boot in Brand A that is a snug fit, it doesnít warranty that a size 9 of Brand B will fit equally well. Try it before you buy it. And even if you have plans to buy it from an online store (since they always have much better rates), you can always walk into a brick and mortar store to try it and then buy online.

The Afternoon magic

Our feet expand throughout the day and it is at its smallest in the morning. So, do not go walking boot shopping or trial in the morning. The afternoon or late evening is the best time to try your boots as your feet will be expanded and this helps you select the best fit.

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