Five Must Try Things while shopping for Hiking Footwear

You enter a brick and mortar hiking gear store and pay high street prices or shop online and save, You maybe as confused as a cow on Astroturf.

There are more choices than you could ever have imagined and you have just realized that all the information that you got from Google only adds to your woes.

Should you opt for a full blown mountaineering boot or should you stick to a beginners light weight trail boot? Should you listen to the salesman or trust your instinct? Should you try a full grain leather one or one made of a spilt grain material?


Itís completely normal to be confused at the overwhelmingly large number of choices available to an average consumer. While there are hiking boot experts, not everybody can be expected to know hiking boot anatomy or construction like the back of their hands.

But there are certain things that you can do to ensure that you have made the right choice of hiking footwear.

Hereís my list of favorite five things to try when you are out hiking boot hunting.

1. Use your Hiking socks : A common mistake that a lot of new shoppers make is to not to wear their hiking socks while trying on their hiking boots. Try your hiking shoes with your socks.

2. Try before you buy: The hiking boot universe is wide and vast. There are several brands like Hi-Tec, GRI Sport and the vast Northwest Territory range which have many different styles. Here at New Forest Footwear we always give full detail on every boot stocked which enables you to make an informed choice. You have the added confidence that should they not be right for you they can be easily exchanged or just returned for a refund. You also have the option of ordering two pairs and returning the ones which suits you least.

3. Walk, Climb, Jump: Depending on the hiking path that you choose, you will be experiencing mildly difficult to extremely difficult terrain and you need to try out your boots by walking up and down stairs. Check to see if your toes are hitting the front of the boot or if your heel is lifting up. Similarly, the jump will tell you how heavy the boots will feel during the journey. Remember, every additional pound on your boot will seem like a dumbbell thrown into your backpack. Here at Newforest Footwear we check the quality so you can be assured that your purchase will be a great experience. All our range are manufactured using the latest techniques and are surprising light and comfortable.

4. Fit vs. Style: While its tempting to opt for a stylish boot, it is smart to opt for one that has the right fit and features as opposed to style.

5. Do I choose my normal shoes size?: Opt the size that you normally have for your shoes. All our range of walking boots allows sufficient room for those hiking socks. There must be at least a fingerís space between your large toe and the front of the boot even after you wear your socks.