Deckshoes and Boatshoes

Deck shoes and boat shoes have become a popular fashion statement with many people, on and off the boat .The fore fathers of the boat shoe were the native American Indians who wore shoes called moccasins, these incorporate some of the same characteristics as the modern day boat shoes. Both shoes are made of leather with a low profile also being resistant to water. The modern day design can be seen everyday by people taking to the water on their boats.

During heavier seas the boat decks will become wet from the waves, the sole of the boat shoe is made from rubber and will not slip or slide, keeping the wearer safely aboard the boat at all times. The lower profile of the shoes helps the wearer to slip the boat shoe on and off with ease, the wearer almost believing he is in his or her slippers!

Before long the boat shoes became a popular trend appealing to a variety of people. The statement of wearing boat shoes has extended beyond the boating life style and is now fully accepted into modern casual and dressy wear. Often the tri coloured boat shoes have been known to dress up a wardrobe. Items that go well with the boat shoe range can be polo shirts, khaki shorts and golf shirts. Just one fashion tip for the boat shoe, they donít look too hot during the winter months!

Boat shoes are created to offer a certain quality level that is tried and tested by the boating community every day. They are designed for rough and rugged activities and with that in mind do need a bit of love and care if you would like them to last. For longer lasting boat shoes oil the leather, this will help your boat shoes withstand the water and the effects of this over a longer period of time.

When considering a purchase there is only one place to look for quality and value and that is a trusted supplier to the marine community for over ten years. Every pair of boat shoes are hand crafted by professional tanners. Remember the name, where the higher quality boat shoes provide a safer and better shoe experience.