Clean the salt from your boat shoes!

Designed for outdoor activities, boat shoes spend a lot of time exposed to the weather, salty water and bright sunlight. Looking after your boat shoes is very important to prolong the life of them. When you are out on the water you do not want to be worrying about them when it matters.

Step one

Wipe the leather upper of your boat shoe with a damp cloth removing all salt and dirt. Pay special attention to the join of the sole and upper. Try and keep your boat shoes free of salt and dirt by cleaning after each contact with salt water.

Step two

For all shiny finishes use a waterproofing cream rubbed into the leather, again paying attention to the joins of your boat shoes. If the boat shoes become damp allow to dry at room temperature with paper in to keep the shape.

Check the soles of your boat shoes on regular intervals and have them repaired or replaced as needed. The soles of your boat shoes play a crucial part in keeping you safe on deck.

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