Breaking in your Hiking Boots

Depending on the brand and the type of hiking boots you choose, it might require breaking in before you actually wear it on the big day.

I say it is brand specific because there are certain brands which are good to use straight out of the box and do not require any break in. But there are other brands of hiking boots which take weeks to soften up and adjust to your feet.

The best way to find out is to wear them around the house for a while and if you feel mild discomfort while walking, then it probably requires breaking in.

Here are some tips on breaking in your hiking boots

Go Slow:- To break in a good pair of shoes, you have to invest a good amount of time. Most shoes take a couple of weeks. There are certain quick fixes like soaking your shoes and then wearing them for long walks. Never try this approach as it ruins your shoes and your feet too.

The Soap method:Another cheap but effective method is to buy a bar of soap and rub the interiors of your boot upper. There are stretching sprays available but soap works just fine.

Walk around the house: It is very important to wear your hiking socks while you break in the shoe. Wear it around the house while you go about your chores. Do not over tighten the laces.

Do not wear it for more than an hour: You can wear it the whole day. But always do it one hour at a time. Once you have worn it for a day, remove the hiking boot and do not wear it until the next day. Gradually, start going for longer walks in more difficult terrain. The trick is to gradually improve your strength while wearing the shoe.

The trial hike: The final test will be a short hike that you take. If you do not have any discomfort in this hike, then chances are that your shoes are ready for use.

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