Boat shoes – Fashionable footwear for men and women

Boat shoes initially came into existence with the purpose of providing a firm grip on slippery deck of boats. In recent times these shoes have become a statement for high street fashion as well as smart and casual footwear for men and women.

Women’s Boat shoes - If you are looking for comfortable and lightweight shoes riding high on the fashion quotient then boat shoes are your perfect choice. These colourful and trendy foot wear inspired by traditional Indian moccasins can be worn with an extensive variety of women wear. The availability of boat shoes has become quite common. However you have to keep in mind a few factors while selecting a pair for yourself. The quality of rubber used to make the soles is the first criterion you have to keep in mind, the second one being the material which is used to make these shoes. Adhering to the traditional procedure women’s boat shoes are still made of a single piece of leather stitched on the top. Along with this a variety of water resistant materials are used nowadays to increase the durability of boat shoes. The best thing about deck shoes is that you can wear it anytime you want.

Men’s Boat shoes - If you are searching for shoes that can be worn to college, beach parties and also used as casual office wear then your search ends at boat shoes. Smart looking and comfortable these shoes give a new identity to fashion apparel. You will get a variety of designs to choose from ranging from one to three color tone designs. Usually men’s boat shoes or deck shoes are worn without socks so once you get your boat shoes do not forget to accompany them with a good quality medicated foot spray. This will prevent any harmful bacterial growth. But there is no hard and fast rule so you can wear them with socks too. The best way to maintain this footwear is to clean them regularly. Bacterial growth can be killed by immersing tem in sea water or swimming pool.

Boat shoes are a fashion accessory which is quite an important possession both in terms of trend as well as practical usage. New forest foot wear provides you with quality boat shoes at affordable prizes. Currently they are offering a heavy discount on all their products. New forest foot wear does not rely on short market gimmicks for their popularity. They serve your need to the best of their ability and thus has built up a laudable reputation in the foot wear market.

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