A Guide to Women's Hiking Boots

Of late, I have been receiving several emails from my female customers that there is much less information on hiking gear, especially walking boots for women.

And I found that this was true!

At a time when there are thousands of women hiking enthusiasts and experts, isn't this something like a gender bias?

So, here it is! A guide to hiking boots especially for women.

The female body is very different from the male counterpart in terms of muscle development. So, we start off with the weight factor.

  • Light is best: Look for light weight women's hiking boots because even the slightest additional weight that you bear on your ankles will quickly start to show and very soon, you will be dragging you feet through the trip. You might even get sores and blisters depending on the severity of the hiking trail. Now this brings us to our next point. What kind of trail are you going to use this on?
  • The Trail: If you are going to tread mostly on well used paths that require less ankle support then opt for fabric hiking boots. On the other hand if you are going to tread on paths have lots of jagged rocks and thorns, then leather hiking boots will be a better choice. But they will be heavier than fabric.
  • Waterproofing: Waterproof hiking boots are a must if your hiking path will have shallow streams or puddles. Some don't breathe as well as some of the other hiking boots but those stocked by are breathable as well. So, only opt for waterproof hiking boots whether they are absolutely necessary or not. Remember, as long as your feet are dry, the chances of blisters being formed is much lesser.

Another very important but often overlooked factor is the socks. You should always have thin layered socks and thick layered socks. Avoid using cotton socks because they tend to retain moisture easily resulting in your feet getting wet. is just the place to view and buy Hiking socks that will complement your newly purchased hiking boots. has some of the best hiking boots for the fairer sex. If you are looking for hiking boots that look as good as they perform, then log on now to