A guide to purchasing safety boots and safety footwear

Safety boots are aptly named. The sole purpose of safety boots is to provide adequate protection to your feet in a wide variety of hazardous situations. Before buying your new pair of safety boots it is important to know exactly what environment you will be using them in.

Below are a few aspects to consider before purchasing safety boots

  1. Your safety boots must fit you properly on the heel area of the foot. This is of upmost importance because a boot that is a bad fit around the heel area will cause the foot to move around inside the boot as your are walking increasing the chances of losing your balance

  2. Another very important thing to consider when buying new safety boots is having ample room around the toe area of the foot. This is especially important with steel toe cap safety boots as there is no give in the toe cap like standard leather boots.

  3. Your safety boots should be a good firm fit and when they are laced up they should hold in place securely. Ill fitting safety boots will move around as you are walking increasing the chance of tripping or slipping.

  4. Your safety boots should also have a flat sole unit, this is important as it will improve your balance and also help to damage to your back if your job involves lifting.

Here NewForestFootwear we have an extensive range of both mens and ladies safety footwear to suit all needs.

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