A guide to buying boat shoes

Looking for a new pair of boat shoes this spring and wondering which ones are best for you with such a vast choice of different makes and styles available.

Here are some helpful tips to take in to account when you are purchasing your boat shoes for this season!

If you are looking for a pair of new boat shoes then you will already know that the choice of different brands, styles and colours can be somewhat overwhelming. Some boat shoes are designed for practicality and are designed specifically for use on a boat these offer exceptional grip on wet surfaces. Boat shoes have become increasingly more fashionable and some of the more fashionable styles are much more aesthetically pleasing but do compromise some of the practicality, not necessarily the case though!

The vast majority of people are buying boat shoes simple buying them as a fashion statement and are unlikely to ever go near a boat. If this is the case then simple go for the style of boat shoe that is the most aesthetically pleasing for you! Although you need to make sure you are buying a good quality pair of boat shoes. Good quality boat shoes should be made of good quality leather and have a leather lining.

Of course another of the main consideration to take into account when purchasing your new boat is the comfort. An uncomfortable pair of boat shoes are useless. Boat shoes made in the traditional moccasin style are designed specifically comfort and will have padded insole to accompany the leather lining

Another important consideration is the durability of your boat shoes as they will need to withstand the elements that the sea will throw at you. A well made boat shoe will be far more durable than cheaper counterparts. Try and stay away from mass produced boat shoes that use cheaper leathers and rubbers for the sole. Portuguese leather is one of the best in the world, brands such as Quayside only make their boat shoes using Portuguese leather.

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