5 Myths about Walking Boots

  • What you pay for is what you get: Not always! You don't always require to invest £100 upfront to buy a decent pair of walking boots. Do some research on your chosen walking boots model and then look for online stores that offer discounts or clearance sales. If you are lucky or vist, you can very well find a great deal on walking boots for under £30.
  • You can use a pair of Walking Boots all year round: Yes, but if they are all season walking boots. If you have invested in two season walking boots which are ideal for summer and autumn, then you dare not tread out with those shoes in winter. So, make your choice of walking footwear depending on when you decide to head out for that walk.
  • Leather is always better than fabric: Now this has been a topic of debate amongst hikers and walkers for quite a while now. I feel that each has its own share of pros and cons. But leather is not always better. A beginner walker who only walks in warm weather on easy terrain can do very well with a walking boot made of fabric.
  • Socks are not as important: Incorrect. You require a good pair of socks along with your walking boots to have a comfortable trip. The best combination that has worked for me is a pair of loop pile socks over a pair of lining socks. You will never have blisters with this.A great selection of quality hiking socks can also be found on the web site
  • The right fit is what feels tight: Wrong! In fact, your walking boots must be wide enough so that you can move your thumb easily without feeling cramped for room. If it feels too tight, then it isn't right.

There! That always feels good. There's nothing like 'myth busting' to get yourself feeling charged again. I hope that this helps you make a better decision the next time you venture out 'footwear shopping' for your walking boots.

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